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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Radiologis Inspection In Patients Asbestosis

In the midst of the bustle we might not be aware if a lot of the air we breathe it mixed with dust and be a plug is bad for the lungs of our body. Asbestosis is a respiratory disease that results from inhaling asbestos fibers, where the lungs to form an extensive scarring. Asbestos Fibre minerals consist of silicate with the chemical composition is different.
If asbestos fibers, sucked settles in the lungs, causing scarring. Inhaling asbestos can also cause pleural thickening (the mucous lining of the lung).

Radiologis Inspection
Radiologis inspection In patients asbestosis of changes in the photo more clearly on parts of the thoracic middle and bottom of the paw, can be either diffuse patches or spots are patht, the shadow of the heart often become blurred. Diafagma can be rising at an advanced stage because of shrinking the paw. Pleural thickening occurs normally, visible in the area of biral middle and bottom especially when arising kalsifikasi. When the process is further seen in wasps nest picture bottom lobe.

Probably found the ferocity of the bronchi or mesotelioma. Unlike coal and silikosis penumokoniosis the sufferer may have symptoms of shortness of breath without abnormalities of the thoracic cage photos.

asbestosis is usually attacked the workers with less safety while working in the area a lot of dust and asbestos. Asbestosis can be prevented by reducing the levels of asbestos dust and fibers in the work environment. Because the industry is already doing the asbestos dust control, this is now less suffering from asbestosis.

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